Community, sustainability and environmentally-friendly logistics

George Allinson (Transport) Ltd is committed to working for the benefit of its local community; protecting the safety of employees, customers and the general public in all operations.


We also believe that, while logistics is essential to the UK economy, we should strive to minimise its impact upon the environment and innovate constantly to make transport solutions more sustainable. As the most immediate impact of logistics on the environment is linked directly to burning diesel, we emphasise fuel economy throughout our operation from vehicle specification to routeing to the way our HGVs are driven. 


There are a number of initiatives Allinson Transport has put in place to minimise carbon output and air pollutants from our trucks. We run a modern fleet with clean engines. This has been strenthened by 12 brand new Euro-5 HGVs recently purchased - the cleanest trucks currently available.


We have invested in telematics technology which constantly monitors the driver behaviour of our staff, highlighting any practices which are wasteful of fuel, such as idling, over-revving, harsh braking or acceleration. This not only makes our drivers safer but ensures that they get the optimum performce from ur highly enginneered fleet. 


In addition we have cut the maximum speed of our fleet to 52mph. This has no appreciable impact on journey times but does pay dividends in reducing fuel usage.


We also ensure that our routeing and scheduling of vehicles is as efficient as possible with each HGV optimally loaded, and empty running minimised.


For every litre of fuel we save, we cut our carbon output by 2.63kg and keep the air that little bit cleaner. We also save our customers money through minimising the most expensive factor in modern transport. Allinson Transport is committed to serving UK plc with efficient and suatinable logistics through innovation and efficiency.


After all, it's our world too. 


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