Allinson Transport uses the industry-renowned Mandata software to its fullest capacity. We have asked our customers what they wanted from our leading-edge technology – and provided it.


Our system gives us excellent management information and both oversight and detailed data regarding your stock, deliveries and our service performance. We can make real-time stock information available online, and offer many customers detailed breakdowns of their customer and order portfolio to inform their decision-making for no extra charge.



Order placement can be made in numerous formats including electronic data interchange (EDI). We capture all relevant data to aid our ongoing analysis of your logistics needs. Our postcode capture then generates co-ordinates to our routeing and scheduling software to ensure maximum efficiency.


Our transport management system optimises mileage, fuel efficiency and vehicle utilisation in order to make your transport green and cost-effective. GPS tracking shows where vehicles are, and allows us to plot our plans against actual delivery.

We use geo-fencing to pinpoint vehicle location in relation to customer premises and can give automated email and text alerts for ETAs.


When the vehicle crosses the geo-fence on its return trip, you are notified that the delivery has been made and PODs will be available online shortly thereafter.



Allinson Transport believes in investing in technology when it has proven value and reliability and then exploiting it to its fullest potential. We can, for long term business partners, make our systems available for customers in-house.

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